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Combining best practice outsourcing templates with software solutions

De-risking sourcing

Outsourcing can be risky - but with best practice tried and testing templates and integrated with software solutions powered by Transformation Director - you will de-risk the initiative and guarantee success. CONSULT with key stakeholders as part of the outsourcing decision process - ensure you get buy-in to the outsourcing decision with FULL AUDIT TRAIL.

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Providing oversight and insight

Our solutions provide interactive management dashboards and utilise visual analytics to provide initiative wide oversight and insight into how the programme is progressing, who is doing what, what risks are faced, what issues have been registered and what is being done, by whom to address them. As well as providing a snapshot of compliance status with audit capabilities.

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Delivering alignment and agility

Outsourcing can be complex, involving multiple people, across multiple sites, spread across different departments, functions etc. With our solutions you can align activities, people and action to ensure they work in unison, whilst allowing you to remain agile.

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Head of operations - a well known UK bank

a robust solution which delivers accountability, agility, alignment and so much more...